Educational Illustration

The Pique Lab

The Pique Lab is a Singaporean Tuition Center focused on Science, mainly for grade-schoolers. They use illustrations to capture the interest of kids and help explain complex scientific topics.

As their Design Team Lead, I manage a team of six to create science notes, social media content, and educational products for their online shop, Little Learner's Collective.

Educational Posters | Adobe Illustrator | 2019-2021

From nursery topics to complex scientific concepts, I designed posters that helped interestingly present the information to children.

The Big Book of Fun | Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign | 2020

Our team collaborated in creating an activity book for grade-schoolers. It was divided into different topics, including the Physics section, which I designed the activities for.

Stickers | Adobe Illustrator | 2020

I created adorable stickers based on different topics for kids and kids-at-heart.

Meet The Robots | Adobe Illustrator | 2021

I think astronomy is exciting to learn about, so I came up with the topic of introducing Mars' robots on our social media. I wanted to contrast the red planet with the cool tones of the robot.

Plants Vs. Fungi Video Assets | Adobe Illustrator | 2019

Our team collaborated in making the assets for a video-game-themed animation about the differences between plants and fungi. I was tasked with creating the map that was shown in between scenes.

Digestive System Video Assets | Adobe Illustrator | 2020

Our team collaborated in making the assets for an Osmosis Jones- inspired animation about the journey of food through the digestive system. This scene I drew is for the small intestine. The tubes are meant to represent how nutrients from food travel through the body-city.

The Smart Cookie Website Illustrations

Smart Cookie is a math tutoring service for underprivileged kids in the Philippines. Its goal is to make learning math fun and exciting through rewarding its students with treats, toys, and goodies for achievements.

The Growth Scientists Infographics

The Growth Scientist is a service that helps manage online blogs that have a wide range of topics, from SEO to Parenthood.

Traditional Illustration

Eleven | Pen | 2016

Fan art for the show 'Stranger Things' and my favorite character, Eleven.

Still Growing | Pen | 2019

I wanted to represent how intimidating it is to grow when you compare yourself to others.

Autumn | Watercolor | 2019

Autumn is a time that reminds us how we can be reborn from having fallen.

Bilbo Baggins | Watercolor | 2016

Fan art for Bilbo Baggins of the Tolkien Universe.